So, I’m checking out the different web pages on my site. I’m working on a redesign, little more user-friendly. While looking, I find an addition on my Blog page. It seems that a fifteen year old isn’t happy with my website. (I’m putting the comments below, so you can read them.)

You know what it is people like you that are making this country so terrible. If you are so “pro america” then why dont you support our president you dont have to like him because we are all entitled to our opinions but dont start a website about how much you dislike the guy and his administration. So lets see you have a libreal view on the war in iraq well lets see then pull out of the country and we will see how you like it when your in a fox hole because of those freakish ilsamic terrorists that hate our country so much and wish all of us the worst. Im 15 and in school I am the only one in almost all of my classes that is pro bush but you know what sister i can argue agaisnt all of them and still have the last laugh because thier parents put all of this stuff in thier head and the kids have no material to back it up and all they know is this bush hating bs but all they even care about is themselves and thier own little box. They have no idea about what is going on with the rest of the world all they care about is thier own little community and you people put this bs in thier heads. In all of the advandced History classes there are only liberal views as a matter of fact we have to read Howard Zinns joke of a book about america. Dont get the idea that im not pro america because i love our country with all of my heart and i am so happy that i live here. These are not my parents views but my own that i am posting and its because i have an opinon and i want to get it out there. I always try to look at both sides of a story and i am not a libreal hating or racist person i love all people (Minus the danm extreme islamic terrorists) i teach sunday school and i have nothing against diffrent religons or races. These arae my opinions and i want to get them out there. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND (my hero) THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d like to respond to the posting.

First, you don’t have to support the President to be pro-American. You can be a proud American without supporting the President. During Clinton’s terms, a lot of Americans did not support him and his decisions. I would never dream of accusing them of not being pro-American.

I’m proud of our country. We truly live in the best country on earth. However, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t use some improvement, as no one is perfect.

Second, starting a website to voice my opinions about President Bush and his administration is my right as an American citizen. I encourage you to start your own website to voice your opinions in support of President Bush and his administration. That’s what makes our country great, the diversified voices.

Third, where did you get the idea that I have a “liberal” view on Iraq? Because I didn’t agree with our bombing Iraq? Because I support Cindy Sheehan’s attempt to speak directly with Bush? I, actually, believe that now that we’re in Iraq (and it doesn’t look like we’re leaving anytime soon), we should join together and support our troops. I don’t think we’re handling this war in a positive manner. I don’t think the media is paying the war enough attention. I can turn on any news program and see what Paris Hilton is up to, but I can’t view how the troops are managing in Iraq. I have not said on my website that we need to pull out of Iraq. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I think we need to do two things: 1) Turn the war over to the generals who know what they are doing. 2) Send more troops and supplies for them. As someone who is a parent of a Marine, I would never say anything that was not 100% supportive of our troops.

Fourth, I haven’t read any of Howard Zinn’s books, so I’m really not in a position to comment on the fact that you have to read one of them for your history class. If you have a problem with that, shouldn’t you be taking it up with your school board and not on my website? That’s what I would do. Also, to which of Howard Zinn’s books are you referring? If it has you this worked up, maybe I should take a look at it. It could be interesting.

Fifth, you discuss debating your classmates on their own views. I think that’s great. I imagine that once you are old enough, you will become even more involved in society. That’s a good thing. We need your generation to become involved, as you represent our next leaders. You state that your classmates do not have anything to back them up. I hope you don’t extend that belief to my website, as I always try to find the facts to back up my statements.

Sixth, I think it’s great that you teach Sunday School. I would just like to point out one little item. You stated that you love all people, minus the Islamic terrorists. Jesus said to love thy enemies and I would think that that would extend to Islamic terrorists. He didn’t say you had to agree with them, just love them. Jesus, also, said that it was easy to love those who love you, but to love those that hate you is the real test. I know that I fail on this quite often myself and I’m 37 years old.

Seventh, a piece of advice, you state, “but you know what sister i can argue agaisnt all of them” and that’s great, but you should try putting it in a different manner. Instead of getting angry with me, you should start your own blog. Also, when you post to blogs that differ from your own opinion, you should make sure that your punctuation and spelling are correct. Having misspelled words only makes the reader dismiss your ideas as not being well thought out. You want them to be read and respected, don’t you?

Finally, sorry I didn’t see your post sooner, so I could respond to it faster. I hope you come back to my blog so we can debate some of these issues. You seem like an interesting fifteen year old. Please feel free to send me an email.
God Bless,