I’ve been mulling over this one for a couple of days now. Barack Obama attends a black church in Illinois which is run by a black preacher who has said some pretty extreme things about America. Senator Obama has denounced what Pastor Wright has said, but he hasn’t changed churches, which has some people all up in arms.

Now, would any of us — minus those of us who attend Trinity church — even know this pastor’s name if someone didn’t want to make Obama look bad?

And, all those who have sat in church and listened to a priest, pastor, minister, deacon, etc. and have never disagreed with the one who was preaching, please raise your hands. No one, right?

I have sat and listened to one priest after another say something I whole heartedly disagreed with and I’m still a member of the same church. Why? You might ask. Well, because it’s just one priest and it’s just one sermon. Some of the priests were visiting pastors and they were gone in a week, some of the priests I heard because I attended a different Mass than my usual one at a different church. During the last Presidential election, I heard a priest strongly imply that a vote for Kerry meant the voter would be burning in Hell and he never said the name Kerry.

Anyway, what I have heard is that there is talk that Senator Obama should renounce his membership in this church and walk away from it. Obama, so far, has refused to do so.

I think Senator Obama is making the right decision. A church can be a second home to someone. Your church of choice is very personal, even if you’re running for a public office. Too much is being made of our elected officials religious beliefs as it is and we should really mind our own business. Faith is faith and politics are politics and never the two should meet. I’m sure the good Senator — if he was even at that particular service — cringed when he heard Pastor Wright say “America’s chickens have come home to roost.” But, Trinity feels like home and we shouldn’t expect him to leave home.

This past weekend my grandsons were visiting and they attended Easter Mass with us. I was reading the readings and when I was done and returned to the pew, Danny clapped and said, “Good job, Nana. Good job.”

So, following Danny’s lead, I say to Barack Obama, “Good job, Senator. Good job.”

God Bless