Does anyone beside me think it is really odd that the only interview — as of this writing — that Sarah Palin has given was to People magazine on the day McCain announced she was his choice for running mate?

People magazine.

A magazine that is well known for it’s in-depth, journalistic integrity. A magazine that is truly known for asking those hard questions.

And, McCain accused Obama of being a celebrity.

Palin is scheduled to be interviewed by Charlie Gibson. I don’t envy him. If he asks the tough questions, we’ll all get to hear about how he’s too tough on her because she’s a woman. If he doesn’t, we’ll all hear about how he let her slide because she’s a woman.

I hope he doesn’t bother with the tough questions. From where I’m sitting, the GOP doesn’t want anyone asking their beauty queen Vice-Presidential candidate any hardass questions. I’m thinking it’s because women on the right aren’t as tough as women on the left. They can’t handle it.

God Bless