So, I’m reading the Chicago Tribune and I see that NBC cancelled it’s new series, “The Book of Daniel”. I watched the premier, managed to miss the second one and planned on watching my DVR’d version of the third. Now, I see that NBC falling to both pressure and low ratings — how high could they be it is on Fridays — cancelled the series.

First, I’d like to say that EVERY network is cancelling new shows way too quick. “All in the Family” had low ratings and if it had been cancelled, we would’ve missed the one of the best TV shows ever. Most TV shows don’t hit the big time right out of the gate like, say, “Desparate Houswives.” Last comment, NBC has cancelled EVERY SINGLE NEW SHOW that I liked. So, I rarely watch NBC (except for the Law & Order Shows & Las Vegas).

Second, NBC, get some balls — yes, I said balls. Stand up to the religious right and tell them that you don’t care if they don’t watch. What did you have to lose? Nothing. But, you would’ve gained some pride and some respect for standing by a contraversal show. Plus, this show wasn’t that raunchy as “Desperate Housewives”.

Third, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, why did you close the comments on the article in less than 24 hours? I had something to say!!!!! And, you prevented me from saying it on your site. Did you not want to hear contrary opinions?!?

Of course, it’s their site, so don’t bother commenting on their right to choose what goes on it, okay?

Now, if CBS cancels “Ghost Whisper” (like they cancelled “Joan of Arcadia”), I might just give up on TV and go back to reading more books.

God Bless.