Al Qaeda Terrorist Moussaoui received life in prison and, as he was leaving the courtroom, he said, according to CNN, “America, you lost.”

No, Mr. Moussaoui, you lost. You now have to spend the rest of your days in one of our prisons. You and the other terrorists who died trying to destroy America lost the battle and the war. We’re still here.

And, Mr. Moussaoui, death would be too good for you. You should have to live knowing that you can’t harm any of us. You should live knowing that no matter how much we fight amongst ourselves that we will stand united against any foe. You will live with the knowledge that you and your terrorist friends did not succeed. America grows stronger every day. America is the beacon of freedom for the whole world and she stood tall on 9/11, she’s standing tall now and she will remain standing long after your bones turn to dust.

I know that some will say the jury should’ve given you a sentence of death, but as a Catholic and a Christian, I can’t abide by the death penalty. Everyone has to be given the chance to ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness so they can stand at His side during the end of time. You, Mr. Moussaoui, you will not ask him for forgiveness, so once you are done living our your days in a jail cell — where most likely, you’ll have to be kept from the rest of the prisoners — you will spend eternity suffering in the fires of Hell for what you did.

God Bless