Could there possiblily be a better way to wake up than hearing the sounds of six month old twins talking in the other room? Could it be possible, upon entering said room, there could be something better than seeing two smiling faces look up at you? Could there be something better than picking up one and then the other and laying them side by side on your own queen size bed and talking with them?

That was how my morning before heading off to work went. Watching them, changing them and then handing them off to Grandma and Mommy as I had to walk out the door. And, why did I walk out the door? Why couldn’t there be a day when you get to stay home and spoil your grandsons rotten? Shouldn’t that be a national no work holiday?

I know the world is not a nice place and I know that we, as human beings, do not treat our fellow humans with the dignity and compassion that we should. I know all of that. But, for an hour this morning, I forgot all about it, as I tended to the needs of those two precious gifts from God, Danny and Alex.

I wish everyone could have a morning like mine.

God Bless.