I’m sure I’m setting myself up for some sort of ridicule, but this really bugged me.  If you were in the new McDonald’s on Lathrop & 21st in Racine last Friday night, you saw what happened.

I saw a sign that the McRibs were back.  Now, these happen to be my favorite McDonald sandwich and I wanted one for dinner.  Last Friday night, Cheryl and I walked over to the McDonald’s and place our order. 

When we walk up, there’s five employees standing around staring at the floor, like it’s doing tricks or something.  It takes five minutes for one of them to notice that they have customers, even though we’re the only ones standing there.

Then, we place our order as a here order.  You know, so no bagging our stuff.  We’re going to eat in the resturant.  Well, it feels like it takes forever for three sandwiches, two fries and two apple pies.  They don’t have to get our drinks, since we ordered sodas and served ourselves.  Cheryl goes and finds a booth, while I wait for our order.  Another lady walked up and it took another five minutes for someone to notice her.  I know because I was still standing there waiting for my order.  

When I get the order, the gal puts it in two bags.  I said to her that this wasn’t a to go order and her answer:  “It doesn’t matter.”  Yes, it does matter.  I ordered an order that doesn’t require bags and you’ve just wasted two.  It’s obvious to me that this kid doesn’t care if she does a good job or not.

When I get the order to the table, there’s no sauce on the McRib.  Now, I know it’s not going to look like the picture, but they could make an effort to come close.  Nope, not this McDonald’s.

Well, it was a bad work week and since I’m all ready mad at this McDonald’s for the last order screw up, I just lost it.  But, I didn’t swear.  I get no apology, just three “new” sandwiches.

So, if you live in Racine, steer clear of that McDonald’s.  It looks pretty, but the service is awful.

God Bless