Here’s a quick thought —

President Bush supports Mark Green for Governor of our great state of Wisconsin. There’s one reason not to vote for him.

President Bush thinks Mark Green would be good for Wisconsin. Like Bush was good for Texas?

Mark Green supported an Eight Billion dollar subsdizing of the oil industry — the same industry that’s charging me $3.17 a gallon and raking in the dough to the tune that ExxonMobil could pay their outgoing CEO 400 million dollars.

And, now, Mark Green thinks he’d be good for the state? And, President Bush agrees.

Let me just say this…

Bush announced that the deficit is going to be less than they originally thought and we’re suppose to celebrate this. Well, I would if the deficit was going down, not up.

Also, Bush’s tax cuts for the rich — they didn’t help the economy — the rich save extra money, they don’t spend it and put it back into the economy.

And, the Fed is wrong about raising rates to combat inflation, but I don’t have time to go into it right now — just trust me. I’ll explain later.

God Bless