This one is for my brother, Scott. So, Robyn, be a dear and make sure you point this one out to him. You know how much he LOVES Rush Limbaugh!

On May 31, Rush Limbaugh aired a phone call that allegedly was from an Air Force officer stationed in Iraq — “Lieutenant Colonel Luke Fitzpatrick of the 336th Tactical Air Wing”. This “Lieutenant Colonel” stated, “I wanted to let you know that you and your cohort, Mr. Hannity, are the only two that are allowed to get broadcasts across our (inaudible) room. The rest of the liberals — they can go listen on their Walkmans if they so choose.”

Well, well, well, what a tangled web we weave when at first we choose to deceive. Turns out that whomever this caller was — his name wasn’t Fritzpatrick, he isn’t in the Air Force and the 336th Tactical Air Wing doesn’t exist.

Hmmm, I seem to recall a lot of right-wing people not letting up on Dan Rather when it turned out he made a report that turned out to be based on untrue information.

So, I could say a lot about Mr. Limbaugh, but I won’t. I’ll let his record as a right-wing “journalist” stand for itself.

Plus, you know, I like for my readers to read the facts for themselves, so check out the MediaMattersForAmerica webpage where the article appears.

Have a nice day.

God Bless

P.S. Still want to defend this man, Scott, or are you going to FINALLY give up on him?