I’m shocked that the GOP — that Grand Old Party that during my childhood was the one who fought for the little guy and (with the exception of Nixon) gave us all the feeling that they cared — has killed the ethics bill that would make them be accountable to us — the people who pay their salaries. Only 5 of them broke from party lines and voted the right way. They are: Sheryl Albers of Reedsburg, Brett Davis of Oregon, J.A. “Doc” Hines of Oxford, Terri McCormick of Appleton and Mark Pettis of Hertel. Now, I don’t know anything about them, they don’t represent my district, but here’s the deal.

This November, vote them all out — every single one of those unethical, moronic Republicans who have managed to mangled this great state. I’m not sure if he’s running, but I’ll check, so we can start with that big jerk Robin Vos of Racine.

God Bless