I’m not sure that I like the news that the Stockholm Brain Institute has discovered that there is indeed a biological difference between Lesbians and Straight women, proving that sexual orientation is more than just a learned behavior.

I have a friend who has a relative who once was gay but now has been found and proclaims that he is no longer gay. Now, I know that there are some men and women who dabbled in homosexuality for whatever reason and then decided it wasn’t for them and now live “straight” lives (whatever that means). But, no, sorry, you didn’t find God and suddenly change your sexual orientation. You merely choose NOT to live a “gay” life (whatever that means).

You can’t change your sexual orientation, you can only change how you accept it. I went through many years trying to change myself and all I was left with was a broken heart, the realization that I’m gay and the knowledge that I wasted a lot of years trying to be someone I’m not.

So, on one hand, I’m thrilled to be able to point to my disbelieving brethen and say, “Hey, my parents didn’t cause this. I didn’t choose this. This is simple biology.”

On the other hand, I’m not to keen on the idea to discover that my brain works in a similar manner to that of a straight man.

I mean, ignoring all the man hating jokes I could put here (afterall, I don’t have to live with them), I have been battling with my parents for over 10 years that they did not raise three boys. They did raise a daughter and two sons. Constantly, I hear otherwise and its annoying! I’m a girl — got it?

So, finding out that my brain reacts like a guy’s brain is really not helping my cause.

But, it might help the further cause that FINALLY gays are treated like human beings and not second class citizens and for that, I’m willing to put up with some teasing.

God Bless