Has anyone really stopped to take a look at what happens at a casino? People go in, put their money in a slot machine or down on a table and the casino takes it. Sure, they give some of it back via winnings, but for the most part, the house wins.

Plus, while I know that most people can control their gambling, some can’t. A co-worker of mine told me about how his aunt eventually lost her house because of her habit.

Is the casino to blame? No, no more than the alcohol companies are to blame for drunks and bars are to blame for drunk drivers. It’s a free country and if you want to ruin your life with gambling, well, you should be allowed to do so.

But why does Kenosha want to encourage this behavior?

Dollar signs. The whole world comes down to greed. Rather that come up with some other way to use the land at the dog track, the first thought is “Hey, let’s build a casino!” No one in Kenosha would consider building a crack house to earn money, but to some people, that’s exactly what a casino is.

But, hey, who cares? As long as the state has their handout, the county and city get their cut, let’s build a casino!

An alternative would be to build something the whole family could enjoy, such as a waterpark or an amusement park such as Green Bay has with Bay Beach. But, no, let’s build a casino!

Typical when business is being conducted by someone who saids “If you’re coming into Kenosha, you have to know who would have the baseball bat – and I know how to use the baseball bat.”

God Bless