I just read an article about the human brain and I was going to write about it, but CNN had Jib-Jab’s Star Spangled Banner video, so I thought rather than write an article about brains, I’d link you over to Jib-Jab’s site, so you can watch it.

And, speaking of watching videos on your computer, did you know that the United States (according to a Newsweek article) lags behind Japan in the amount of money spent for high speed broadband? In Japan, 50Mbps costs about $30.00 per month. In the US, we pay $40.00 a month for 4Mbps. Also, we lag behind other countries in the percentage of people with broadband. Isn’t that sad?

It’ll only get worst if AT&T and Verizon have their way and eliminate Net Neutrality. (Watch this video at You Tube.) There’s only 18 more days left — tell your story and help save the Internet.

God Bless