Just thought I’d update you on the IVF process. First, we vacationed in Door County and I had to return to Milwaukee three different times to have ultrasounds. That’s a 6 hour drive roundtrip.

Next, last Tuesday I received the news that I had managed to produce 5 eggs — this is great news because as of Sunday, they had only seen 2 viable eggs.

Then, we scheduled the retrieval for this past Thursday. Boy, was that an event! Cheryl and I arrived and they’re running late. Not unusual, as fertility waits for nothing! Anyway, off with all the jewelry, into a gown and bam! I’m sitting with some doctor named Brian, whose going to stick me with an IV and off to lala land I will go! He said, “You’ll feel a little dizzy and a little loopy after you wake up!” Like how in the Hell is that any different from how I normally am?!? Then, he says, “Are you having any pain today?” And, I tell him, “No, I left my pain in the ass in the waiting room!” I had him in stitches!

Well, no sooner than Dr. Robb walks in than boom, I’m out like a light. I had really strange dreams and I heard someone say something about 7. Then, I wake up and a Dr. Mark something is standing next to my bed. Nice guy this Dr. Mark. He tells me we’ve got 8. And, all I can think is 8 what? And, just who the hell is he? Well, he must be used to loopy women, because he smiled at me and told me again that they had retrieved 8 eggs and he would be taking care of them for me. So, I told him he better take good care of my babies and then he left.

Dr. Strawn stopped by and I told him there were 8 and he said I was a regular Easter bunny.

Well, I was loopy for the rest of the day, but like I said, how can I tell the difference?

Anyway, tomorrow morning, they will implant some of the embryos. We have four as of yesterday.

God Bless