One thing the right wing gets right about Iraq is that fact that we cannot just pull out right now. However; we should slap all those people (right and left combined) who supported the war and are now pulling an about face.

We’re there. Our troops are dying at an alarming rate everyday for a war that, in my humble opinion, is unjust and morally unsound. However; since we are there, we need to make sure that when we leave, we do it right.

Because of classes, I haven’t had the time to read Bush’s exit strategy. I’m hoping that he knows that right now, we don’t have enough troops over there to continue what needs to be accomplished before we can walk away.

  • Iraq needs a fully armed and trained military. We disassembled their military and now we have to rebuild it.
  • Iraq needs a fully trained and armed police force. They need to be able to handle crime.
  • Iraq needs some sort of economic stability.
  • Iraq’s inflastructure needs to be fully functional. I believe that there are still people without running water and electricty there. Sure, we could decide not to help, but if we do we are only breeding a new generation of Iraqi’s that will hate Americans.

If we don’t at least accomplish these tasks, then we are leaving Iraq’s new government to fail.

We need to fix a lot of things in this country, as well, but I have plenty of time to write a blog about that later.

God Bless.