The North Iowa Tea Party put up a billboard in Mason City, Iowa last week. The billboard compares President Obama to Hitler and Lenin.
At the bottom of the billboard, the statement is: “Radical Leaders Prey on the Fearful & Naive.”
I find that humorous.  Isn’t that what the Tea Party group that put out the billboard is trying to do – prey on the fearful and naive? Isn’t that what the entire right wing has been doing for the last ten years in this country?

That said, the best part of the billboard is the fact that even members of the Tea Party… find it to be wrong: “That’s just a waste of money, time, resources and it’s not going to further our cause,” said Shelby Blakely, a leaders of the Tea Party Patriots, a national group. “It’s not going to help our cause. It’s going to make people think that the tea party is full of a bunch of right-wing fringe people, and that’s not true.”
At least it wasn’t MY money they wasted.