No new blog post.  I’m still reading this week’s magazines – then, my Internet went down tonight.  Totally peeved!  I messed with it for two hours – turn off the modem, turn off the router, turn off pc, turn everything on, release ip, flush dns, etc.  Whole nine yards – nothing.  Router won’t talk to modem and modem only talks to computer 1/2 the time.  Router will talk to the computer.  It’s like their in a love triangle and had a fight or something.

Finally,  I turned off the modem, router and left the pc on.  Turned on modem, router and connected everything.  Boom, it worked.  100th try must be the charm.

But, hey, even with my Internet issues, no reindeer walked away with my wife! Found this via E3 on YouTube.  Imagine if I couldn’t have connected tonight – I would’ve missed this!