I keep getting asked, due to yesterday’s news, if I’m okay. I think I am. This was so different from the AI’s. With an AI, you don’t know what happened, only what didn’t. With the IVF, I saw the picture of the embroyos, the little life waiting to become a baby. It hurts more. It is more like a miscarriage must feel.

But, I’m still “young” (at least according to Cheryl) and we can try again, so I’m not down and out. We’ll try again and if it doesn’t work, we’ll adopt, so if you’re pregnant and you don’t want the baby, send me an email, I’ll raise it in a good home.

Anyway, yesterday, Cheryl picked up the film from our vacation. Yeah, we have a digital camera, but I think I take better shots with my old 35mm, so I took it with us. We actually still had pictures from Christmas 2004 on it!!!!

This’ll be the very last time I let Cheryl pick up the film. She always goes through and gets rid of the out of focus shots or the ones too dark, but she got a burr up her butt yesterday and got rid of some because they showed the back of the boys’ heads! Or, she didn’t think we need the picture. Well, that is so NOT happening again!!!! Luckily, I always have a picture CD made, so I have a spare. And, aren’t you all lucky, because I’m going to put up some of the shots in this post! (Just what you’ve been waiting for!)

Alex peaking down the hall

Danny gives himself a kiss. The boys just loved the hotel room’s mirror!

Alex makes new friends!
Ales is supervising!

Can we go now? Danny asks.

At the Farm, Danny leads the way. He spent the whole day leading the way!

Danny and Grandma find a kitten.

Alex makes a new friend.

Danny makes a new friend. Later, when this pig ran in between Danny and Alex and squealed, both boys jumped!

Alex tries to climb the fence to get in the cage! That’s my boy!!!!