I don’t write much about my work. I don’t mention my company or co-workers very often, but this morning something so ridiculous happened that I just have to blog about it.

I have this co-worker whom I might have mentioned before and she’s a big pain in the rear. In fact, no one really likes her, everyone complains about her — both in my division and out of my division and yet, she gets to keep her job. I wonder about that. Either someone higher actually does like her or my company likes to keep dead wood around.

Anyway, this morning Tootsie (since I don’t want to use her real name) comes over to my desk looking for work for a different co-worker. I tell her I don’t have anything for him to do and try to politely send her on her way. I was busy with a hot report I needed to code in a grand total of two hours. She insists that I must have something for him and I again tell her no, but in a more firm voice.

Does she take the hint? In a word, NO.

She says, “I’ll talk to John” (fake name for our boss), like when she says it, I’m going to say, “Oh, yes, I do have something for him to do!” Don’t threaten me with our boss’s name. Are we a couple of five year olds on the playground who need the help of our teacher? Please.

So, my first comment is this: why do companies keep people like this on the payroll? I know there are more Tootsies in this world, I’ve met them before. They live in their own little world, they don’t care what you think or what you need to do, they want you to do what they want you to do. Why do we put up with people like this? Why is it that they are allowed to keep working?

My second comment is why is it that she can’t take no for an answer? I had a run in with her last year because she wanted to keep the air conditioning on full blast while the other 29 people in the office were freezing. What is fundamentally wrong with her that NO doesn’t exist in her world? I said NO and I’m not changing my mind.

And, finally, a request, Please pray that I don’t snap her little skinny bony neck.

God Bless