First, pardon my dust…Something happened when I posted this am and I lost half of my template for my blog and out went all my links.

Second, remember the Ann Coulter t-shirt, well, it violates some copyright laws, so Zazzle won’t let me sell it and I’m not going to try CafePress, because I’m pretty sure I’d get in trouble there, too. But, all is not lost, I offer alternatives:

Ann Coulter is a Godless Bitch — sold here.
I’m too Smart to read Ann Coulter — sold here.
and — this one’s good —
My dog is smarter than Ann Coulter — sold here.

So, I’ll fix the site and come up with more shirts, mugs, etc. Gotta earn enough to pay for this site somehow! And, yes, I know it isn’t very Christian of me, but I never said I was perfect.

God Bless