Okay, I’m not a prude, but come on. In the last episode, the ladies of the show all went to a nightclub. Well, one of the characters, Chole, picks up some guy at the club. She sleeps with him and finds out he’s a male prostitute.

So, is it just me, or is that a sleazy thing to do?

I mean, I’m not a prude and I have nothing against prostitutes in general, but why is this okay for a TV show? Just meet a guy and jump into bed with him? No wonder all those groups are calling for better television and censorship!

But, that brings me to another topic, why is it that good, clean shows, such as “Joan of Arcadia” get cancelled for low ratings? Why do we all complain that Hollywood doesn’t understand us and doesn’t give us what we want and then when we get a good family show, we don’t watch it?

What do you think? Let me know!

God Bless.