I know I’ve been droning on and on and on about Healthcare, but the reforms that are about to pass the House and Senate are really scaring me. First, the news always reports that there are 45 million Americans without healthcare or health insurance. Anyone know from where this number comes?
Now, yesterday, I read a blog (and I’m sorry I don’t remember which one) that disputed this by making a blanket statement that 20 million of those Americans are either college students or people making over $75,000 a year who choose not to take healthcare. Anyone know from where that number comes? Anybody? Because I remember when my daughter was in college that she was still on Cheryl’s insurance. So, I think most students would remain on their parents’ policies. Anyone know of a recent college student who wasn’t covered on their parents’ policies?
Does anyone know of someone who makes $75,000 a year who opts not to have health insurance? I don’t, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who does.
Over the next few days and, perhaps, weeks, I’m going to try to track down these numbers and pass them on. Healthcare in America is way too important to just make a rash decision on.
God Bless