I’ve got the flu and let me tell you, the flu sucks. I’m constantly freezing and I ache all over. It’s the pits!

Plus, I feel like ranting about something that makes no difference at all and that would be Las Vegas! Not the place, the tv show. On Feb. 15th, NBC aired the last episode of Las Vegas. They’ve decided to cancel the show, which would be no big deal except the episode they choose to use as the last episode was a to be continued. Which means that they decided to cancel the series without letting DeLinda have her baby or finishing up the weddings.

Yeah, I know, who cares? But, I care. Apparently, NBC meant for the episode to just be the season finale, but then they decided not to bring the show back for one more season.

How about bringing it back for one more tidy little episode and let everyone have a happy ending? Would that be too much to ask?

God Bless