A co-worker of mine forwarded me an email about a Budweiser delivery man who pulled product off the shelves of a store owned by Arabs who were seen celebrating the attacks on 9/11.  She asked me to check the story out to find out if it was true or not.

So, I went to Break the Chain and checked it out.  The story is pure fiction — that means not true for those who get fiction and non-fiction confused.  Click here to read the story.  Anyway, since I read the forwarded email, I noticed the email accounts of everyone who received it, as well as the person who forwarded it along.

What I found most disturbing was the fact that one of the people who forwarded the story — which means he didn’t check the facts of the story — has a wisconsin.gov email address. 

Is this what we pay our government staff to do — forward emails that are false and full of hate?  Maybe, I’m naive, but I would think that government employees would have enough sense to NOT forward an email that is intended to be serious without checking the facts. 

If I had received a joke or a prayer request from the same person, I wouldn’t be upset.  I know everyone needs a good laugh or prayers everyday, but this one was just totally offensive.  Worse than that, he sent it to a ton of other government employees.  I wonder just how many decided to forward this on without any thought.

Just a small piece of advice:  Before you forward that email, make sure it’s actually true.  Also, remember that someone you don’t know, will end up on the chain and might blog about you.

(BTW, I have chosen NOT to put the employee’s name and email address in this post, but next time, I might not be so nice.)

God Bless