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Good Guys

Maybe, I’m just feeling sorry for myself today because I received some bad news yesterday, but I’m a little pissed off.  I’m really tired of doing the right thing – repeatedly – and not getting anywhere, aren’t you?

Seriously, the head of Lehman Brothers will walk away with $400 million dollars, while his staff will walk away with unemployment.  Try paying the rent with unemployment.

Congress is arguing over these bailouts not because the taxpayers will pay for them, but because they want to send the executives in charge away with their golden parachutes!  Are they kidding?!?

I’m beginning to believe that the only time the good guys win is in the movies — and sometimes, they don’t even win there.

I’m losing hope, which pretty much was the only thing going for me.  I watch a co-worker who should be fired just do whatever every single freaking day of the week, while I bust my ass doing a good job and I think WTF.  I hear about people getting away with murder at their jobs or I hear about how someone received too much back in change and they laugh about it, instead of running back to the store to give back what wasn’t theirs in the first place.  Meanwhile, good Americans are busting their butts doing a good job and living paycheck to paycheck.  Where’s our golden parachute?  Where’s the light at the end of our tunnel? 

Fourteen years ago, I was involved in a car accident.  It was completely the other person’s fault.  She received the ticket and I received a damaged kidney (that has since healed) and my back hurt — also completely healed now.  I didn’t sue.  Due to a billing error the hospital made, my insurance company didn’t even collect on my whole medical bill.  My settlement was a lousy $3,000.  But, I didn’t want to be greedy, I didn’t want to do the wrong thing.  I didn’t want to waste the court’s time.  I’m fine, she’s fine.  My car was fixed, etc.  I had friends who said I was stupid — you don’t get rewarded for being good — and I was wasting my chance for some easy money.  What was I thinking?

Today, if I got into that same accident, I’d probably sue, because I’m pissed off and mad.  But then, I couldn’t possibly look myself in the mirror and know that I did the right thing.

I’m really, really tired of doing the right thing.

I’d say God Bless, but today I’m not sure He’s listening.  I don’t think He’s here with a helping hand for America.  I think — and I blame the haters in this nation (you know who you are) — He’s deserted us.

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  1. check out this;jsessionid=6D157FC376A3E649F5510620B59EA2D7
    is for the next debate and features comments as the debate occurs. I was following the BBC’s comments and seems no one there is impressed with the debate tonight. I have to say i agree. Neither did a stellar job nor changed my mind that YET again I am voting against one rather than for another.

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