Earlier today, I wrote a nice little piece on the economy but when I went to publish it, something went wrong and I received an error message.  Since I was short on time, I decided not to rewrite the piece.  Just a little while ago, I checked my email and saw that the obituary for a co-worker’s brother was in my inbox.  I thought of my own younger brothers and cried.  I can’t imagine the loss my co-worker must be feeling.  Then, I saw again Jennifer Hudson’s face plastered on the front page of CNN regarding the losses in her family.  I can’t imagine the sorrow the Hudson family must be feeling.

And, I thought, I’m not going to post anything on my website today about the economy or the election.  I’m going to steal that title from the Judd’s song — Give a Little Love.

So, here’s what I want all of you to do today — Give a Little Love to someone you know.  If you don’t know anyone, give a little love to a stranger.  Smile at someone — give a word of encouragement — hold a door open — tell a joke — hug your wife, husband, son, daughter, grandchild and, heck, if you’re close to them, hug your neighbor.

Life is so precious and so fleeting and we all (me included) spend so much of it fighting with each other.  The thought of spending even one day on earth without my brothers being here saddens to me to no end.  (and, yes, Scott, I would miss you.)  We should take one day at a time.

Does that mean I won’t be complaining tomorrow — no, that’s not even possible — but for a little while today, I’m going to look for the joy and I suggest you do too.

God Bless