Can someone explain to me how gas can be $2.15 per gallon on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning rise to $2.25? I just don’t get it. Is demand really that high on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? Or, is that just some myth that we use more gas, so they have to raise prices. I get supply and demand, I took economics, but gas isn’t the same. Case in point, if demand is high for an HDTV, the store can charge premium price for it because he only has so many to sell. I just wouldn’t buy the TV while prices are high. But, gas, I don’t have a choice. I need gas to get to work, the store, church, etc.

Well, I’m just complaining, as I filled up on Tuesday and didn’t have to pay the $2.25. I do have a new strategy for gas purchasing. When I see a low price, I fill up. That way I can usually ride out the weekend’s premium price.

But that’s just me.

God Bless