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Fox News – What a Waste

I’m glad that Jon Stewart and his staff over at the Daily Show watch Fox News so I don’t have to do so.  It takes about five seconds of listening to these bumbling anti-intellectuals to set me off.  These people would sell out their own mothers to make a right-wing point that isn’t.

On Wednesday’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Mr. Stewart pointed out yet another one of Fox News’ making a mountain out of a molehill because President Obama invited Chicago rapper and poet, Common, to the White House.  Apparently, back in 2007, Common wrote a rap that critized then President Bush – as is his right under the first amendment, so now the talking heads don’t think he should be allowed to go to the White House.  You can watch the whole show here.

Below is the clip from Huffington Post.  Watch until you see Sean Hannity, that’s the sequment about which I want to write.

Did you notice all of these white talking heads “discussing” this with black people? Sean Hannity is expecting the two black gentlemen to defend this decision and the rap, but he doesn’t let them speak. He keeps cutting them off.  Quite frankly, I don’t know why anyone of a race other than white would even bother with Fox News.

But wait, there’s more:

You know what? My work here is done. Trial over. If you watch these talking heads on Fox News, you really don’t have the ability to realize how many brain cells you’re losing over a bunch of guys who are just making things up.  It explains a lot about why you can’t have an intelligent conversation with someone who watches Fox News.  They believe what they want to believe and no facts or figures will change their minds.

It’s actually a little scary, really.  Millions of Americans rot their cognitive abilities every night watching this channel.  They can no longer decipher fact from fiction.  They’re holding on to ideals that are no longer realistic.  They really believe that corporations are people.  It’s just really sad.

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  1. I sure miss common sense.

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