I received an email from Joanna Stoll, Assistant for Representative Lehman. I’m posting it here for others to use as a guideline. When you’re responding to an issue email make sure that the letter that will be sent in your name is going only to your representatives AND check and make sure that your representative isn’t co-sponsoring the bill all ready.

Hi Julie,

Just FYI. We’ve gotten quite a few of these form letters from all over
the state in support of your bill. I’m not sure where they are coming
from, but it would be helpful to their cause if they: 1) didn’t write
the sponsor of the bill — since we will support it and 2) wrote to
their own legislator.

When legislators receive a lot of form letters like this from all over
the state, they tend to just ignore them. Staff doesn’t have time to
sift through and look for the ones from their district, so they just
delete them all. If reps receive them only from their constituents, the
point hits home a lot harder and they pay attention. I don’t know if
you can track down the group who is doing this, but if you can, you
might want to share with them how they can better make their voices
heard with their representatives.