This is for Aaron Rodgers.


Tonight when you start against the Bengals, I’ll be cheering you on.  Win or lose, you’re my new quarterback and I’ve got your back.  You’re in a tough position sitting in the QB seat in Lambeau field.  No matter what you do, fans won’t be happy because you’re not Saint Brett.  I can’t imagine what you must be thinking.

So, Aaron, give it your best.  We’re all Packer fans in Wisconsin and the rest of the fans, they’ll come around.  We love our Packers and pretty soon, I know you’re going to be so good, we’re all going to be saying, “Brett who?”

Go get ’em #12 and know someone in Racine will be cheering you on.

The rest of you naysayers, shut up and let the kid play.

God Bless