I don’t care that Foley was molested as a child. That’s no excuse for becoming a sick, son-of-a-bitch as an adult. He’s not some poor sap for whom we should waste any amount of sorrow upon. He’s a rich bastard who can afford the healthcare to get better, but no, he choose to molest little boys.

Now, he’s announced that he’s gay. No, you sick son-of-a -bitch, you’re not gay, you’re a prevert. Thanks a f*cking lot because now you’re the poster child for the right wing to continue believing that all gays are sick sons-of-bitches and we’re not.

If I owned a gun, I’d use it to shoot you and every sick, rotten bastard child molester on the planet. I don’t want to hear you pansy-assed whining “I’ve been hurt” bullsh*t. I want your fairy ass in jail — and not in protective custody — I want you where the general population — who are usually considered the scum of the earth — can teach you who is the lowlife on the food chain.

No, these aren’t Christian thoughts, but I’ll bet even Jesus Christ Himself has some limits.

By the way, I personally know plenty of people who were molested as children or teenagers who have grown up to be productive members of society — not creeps like Foley.

Oh, and I’m not letting off the hook the rotten Republican bastards who knew what was going on and turned their backs to protect a f*cking congressional seat.

I hope you all rot in Hell.

To the rest of us,

God Bless