I’m not one to complain about the weather – really, I’m not – but this is too much! I don’t mind the high snow banks, but the sidewalk ice drives me nuts! We should have heated city sidewalks! Of course I realize how impractical that would be – I’m just venting!
During my walk with Oliver this morning, I slipped on some ice and down I went. Oliver, who was now loose because I lost the leash, kept going. I’m not sure if this was out of embarassment (what self-respecting American Eskimo Dog wants a mom who cannot keep her balance on ice) or his lack of attention! In either case, he was quite far down the street – at least I think he was! I actually couldn’t see him! You know what happens with. A snow white dog heads toward a huge snow bank? He disappears!
Luckily, he returned to me – I think to laugh – when I called for him. A couple of months ago, he would’ve been gone. I think we’ve made amazing progress!
Well, that’s my ice story for this morning. Check back later today, an article on the GOP Problem will be posted later today.

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