Right now, one out of every two marriages end in divorce. At this very minute, someone in this country is filing for divorce and the only happy people are the divorce lawyers.

Right now on the ballot is a vote for an amendment to forever ban gay marriages (and civil unions) in Wisconsin. The main argument is that gay marriage will destroy straight marriages.

Really? I think you straight people are perfectly capable of destroying marriage all by yourselves. Now, what I’m about to say may upset some people, but I want you to know right up front that I’m not referring in anyway to marriages that end because of abuse. Those marriages should end.

No, what I want to discuss is how everybody wants a wedding and no one thinks about the marriage that comes with it.

Sure, guys, it’s easy to get down on one knee, look into the eyes of the girl you love and say, “Will You Marry Me?” But, it’s much harder to hold it all together when you haven’t had any sleep and she says, “Honey, take out the garbage.”

And, ladies, it is really easy to fall into Prince Charming’s arms and answer, “Yes, I’ll marry you”. But, take a good look at his father, because that’s who that guy is going to be in a few years. If his dad always takes out the garbage, so will Prince Charming.

It gets even harder when the kids come and the money’s tight and he snores or she snores and you wake up one day and go, “Who the Hell is this person in my bed?” It takes work. Some days are good and some days are bad. Some days, you’ll hate him and some days, you can’t stand the nag she’s become, but man, on those days, try to remember why you got married in the first place. Look into her eyes and remember how the fact she hates football used to be so cute.

And, on Tuesday, when you’re casting your ballot, ask yourself this question: “If I vote no and gays are eventually allowed to marry, will this ruin my marriage?”

Then, vote no on the amendment.

God Bless