Sherri Goforth should not lose her job for sending a racist email. Actually, no one should and here’s why.
We live in a free society where all forms of speech are protected. Now, I happen to work in a zero tolerance environment where any non-work related email can get me fired. But, we’re not talking about me. If we want to truly talk about tolerance, then people who send racist emails need to be shown compassion, not lose their jobs.
I realize this woman works for the state, but racists happen to be people, too. Sherri Goforth said that she sent the email by mistake. Who hasn’t hit reply all when they shouldn’t? Firing her isn’t going to change his racist views. It’ll only make them worse. Trust me on that. Racists hate being treated nice — especially by the race they hate the most, so if I was Sherri’s African-American co-worker, I’d be as nice as all get out to her. It’ll piss her off.
But, that’s just me.
God Bless