So, I was watching TMJ4 last night and saw a story about Deadbeat Dads, but to be fair, there are some deadbeat moms out there, too.

Anyway, first, why is the federal money drying up to prevent these guys from getting away with not providing for their children?

Second, why are states like Texas allowing these jerks to not pay their child support?

Third, why aren’t more of us doing something about it?

While we sit in our comfortable homes, we really should be out there getting our legistlation to put these guys in jail, garnish their wages or not allow them to flee to states that don’t enforce child support payments. (What the Hell did Bush do as Governor of Texas? Why didn’t he stop this crap?) We should have a federal law that will allow one state to garnish the wages of a non-paying parent who lives in another state.

Screw state rights — could care less if Texas is offended — our nation’s children should come first.

God Bless.