Way back in June, I posted a list of ten Country music songs you had to know in order to be considered a true country music fan.  After one comment and a couple of emails – and a lot of soul searching – I’ve decided to explain the list to twenty songs you should know and be able to sing along (even if it isn’t well) when you hear them on a jukebox.  Here’s the updated list:


  1. Crazy
  2. He Stopped Loving Her Today
  3. Walk the Line
  4. The Devil Went Down to Georgia
  5. Originally, I said anything by Hank, Sr., but I’m changing it to Hey Good Lookin’
  6. The Dance
  7. Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
  8. Stand by You Man
  9. You ain’t Woman Enough to Take my man
  10. I was Country Before Country Was Cool
  11. Kiss an Angel Good Morning
  12. A Good Hearted Woman
  13. Your Cheatin’ Heart (I actually love Elvis’ version best)
  14. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
  15. Highway Man
  16. Hello Darlin
  17. Mama Tried
  18. God Bless the USA
  19. Only In America
  20. A Country Boy Can Survive


I’m waiting to hear from all of you for your selections…


God Bless