Congressman Ryan sent out a flyer regarding his healthcare plan. He wants to give everyone a $5700 tax credit — not a deduction, you receive this credit whether you paid money in or not — to everyone in order to buy healthcare. The tax credit works out to $475.00 per month, which sounds like a lot of money for health insurance, until you realize that group plans can cost that much and trying to buy insurance as an individual is very expensive.
There are some questions I want answered and I’m sending an email to him to get them:

  • From where are Americans supposed to buy this insurance? Are we going to be able to get the kind of coverage we currently have with our employers and at the group rate?
  • From where is the government going to get the money for the tax credit? I pay for my employer insurance pre-tax, so I am not paying taxes on my health insurance. My pre-tax premium is way less than the $5700 tax credit and $5700 will practically wipe out my tax obligation and the tax obligation for a lot of Americans, so where is the government going to get the extra money?
  • Will I have to prove that I purchased healthcare insurance or put the money into a health savings account in order to collect? How can we be certain that people use the credit for that which it was intended? If there are no guarantees in place, we could end up spending a lot of government money without covering a significant portion of Americans.
  • What will this do to company policies? Won’t this encourage companies to just dump their healthcare plans and let individuals do it on their own?
  • Who is going to educate those who don’t understand anything about insurance? I have a college degree and insurance policies confuse me. Who is going to make sure the American public is well informed?
  • Won’t this just encourage fly by night insurance companies? How can we be sure people won’t be scammed into policies that really aren’t worth the paper their printed on?

It is something to think about. Contact your Congressman to find out more information.
God Bless