Have you ever used the closed caption option on your TV? I have on numerous occasions. I’m hard of hearing and some TV shows sound to me like the actors are mumbling, so I’ll turn on the Closed Caption so I don’t miss anything.

Well, I want to know how you get the job to be a Closed Caption typist. Sometimes, I didn’t hear the word and I can’t read it because it is so far misspelled it is unbelievable. Now, maybe, they use voice recognition and it isn’t really up to par. I really have no idea, because I’ve never tried to research it.

I was watching a tape episode of the View and the closed captioning was horrid — which is why I’m blogging about it right now — I know that the gals talk over each other and they are hard to understand, but this was the follow up to the Emmys, where Mario Caltone (I think that’s how you spell it) does his little blurb. He called the ladies Losers (because they lost the Emmy, yet again). The word on the screen was loer. What? That isn’t even close.

Now, that’s just one minor example and I could list others, but I don’t have that much time. I feel sorry for someone who is deaf and can’t rely on their own hearing to know what’s going on.

So, basically, I’m just complaining today.

God Bless