According to the CNN article, the Church of England has voted to allow women to be Bishops. The Vatican is all up in arms because this means the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church will not be able to join forces. Is anyone else questioning this? The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England were never going to become one giant Church under God.

My favorite part of the article was this: “The General Synod passed a resolution Monday night that allows women to become bishops, acting over the objections of traditionalists who argued that Jesus only wanted men in leadership positions.” Yeah, that’s what my Bible says — Jesus only wanted men in leadership positions. I’m really getting pretty sick and tired of the moronic men who claim only men should be in power, aren’t you? They thump their Bibles and claim that they know what Jesus would do or what Jesus wants. (I’m betting he just wants to be left alone.)

How can anyone of us here on earth know what Jesus would do? Really? Sure, be nice to your neighbor, I get that. But, when the boy who knocks up my friends’ daughter isn’t supporting the baby, does Jesus want me to be nice to him or kick some sense into him? What should I be doing? Shoving him up against the house and telling him to grow up or patting the little bastard on the head and saying, “Oh, poor little guy. He’s had a rough life.”

Where would Jesus be standing then? Behind me with that rod His Father said we shouldn’t spare and patiently waiting for his turn in the butt kicking or standing next to the kid comforting him?

Personally, when I even think some butt kicking might be involved, I leave Jesus at home. I don’t want Him to have to make a choice.

But, getting back to the women in leadership roles, I think the Vatican is going a bit far in all of this. Who died and made the Vatican the database of record for what Jesus thinks and wants?

I wish He’d come back, so He could set this record straight.

God Bless