I don’t know a lot about Vicki Kennedy – Ted’s widow. I know she has two children. I know that she’s a lawyer or was a lawyer before they married. I have heard she has expressed no desire to take over her husband’s Senate seat. I saw her wipe away tears when I watched the funeral on TV and I had heard that she had met and greeted mourners outside the Kennedy library when they entered to view her husband’s casket.

I can’t imagine being this woman. She has been placed in an unimaginable situation – one that for many women is becoming the norm considering we are fighting two wars. I can’t imagine losing the love of my life and I certainly can’t imagine having to do so on such a public stage. The heartbreak must be enormous.

Then, I went to Time.com and viewed the below video of Mrs. Kennedy greeting the mourners outside the Kennedy library. I found it at once heartwrenching and admirable. You can’t hear much, a few sorry for your loss and you can hear Mrs. Kennedy – the last of the Kennedy women to bury a husband quite so publicly – saying thank you. She shakes many hands and my heart just aches for her.

I didn’t want you, my gentle readers, to miss any of it, so I’m posting both the embedded version of the video and the link to it.

God Bless