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Wisconsinites: Call Your Senator – important Auto Insurance Vote Tomorrow…

I just found out about this, which is why I’m writing on a very important vote on such short notice.  The REPUBLICANS in the Wisconsin Senate want to return our car insurance minimums back to old levels.  They THINK this is a good idea, but like most things the Republicans in this state decide to do, it is a bad idea.

Yes, they will still require that all Wisconsinites carry Auto Insurance, but the minimums will be $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.  Now, I have always carried the current legal limit of $100,000 and $300,000, so my insurance after the change in the law did not go up.  However; Republicans are claiming that this caused premiums to go up to too high of levels for poor people – like they’ve ever given a damn about poor people before – and they want to drop the coverage.  Do you really think the insurance companies will drop the current premiums?  I’m betting not.

I don’t want to pay for someone else’s mistake.  I am a good driver and a safe driver.  I haven’t had a speeding ticket in years.  I can control my auto insurance premiums by continuing to be a safe driver.  In fact, the only raises I’ve paid was one for purchasing a newer car and an under $10.00 raise on my premium.  I want every one to have to carry enough insurance to cover hospital bills.  A night in the hospital can cost $5,000 – if it is a serious enough accident, you could spend a lot more – 5 nights in the hospital and the coverage from the person who caused the accident is gone.  You’re out of money and left with unpaid hospital bills and, most likely, no money from the work that you have missed.

This is what the Republicans think you deserve.  I’m betting you want that vote from November back now.

Call your Senator.  Click here to find out who it is.

I suggest you read these two articles to familiarize yourself with the changes the Republicans want to make.  If you don’t call, it’ll pass and you can kick your good coverage goodbye and show nothing for it.  My “favorite” part is this:

“Under this bill, when your spouse is hit and seriously injured by an underinsured driver, your insurance company will be “let off the hook” for not having to cover you for the full amount you thought you purchased. Insurance companies will be allowed to cleverly insert “reducing clause” language into the fine print; this will reduce their exposure for losses in spite of the fact that they’ve already collected premiums from consumers.” (see article here)

And, according to another article, Wisconsin still pays the fourth lowest amount for car insurance.

Thank you, know-nothing Republicans.  You wouldn’t know a good idea if it slapped you across the face!

Congressman Petri

According to an article on JSOnline article, Congressman Petri actually “promoted high-speed rail”.   Yesterday, he stood with Congressmen Ryan and Sensenbrenner to sponsor a bill which will allow Governor-elect Scott Walker to kill the project.  While some people are claiming flip flop, according to the article, Petri stated: “It’s the state’s call. They’re the ones that have to pay the $750,000 a year or $7.5 million a year ongoing (varying estimates for annual costs to the state). On the other hand, they’d have to forgo the $800 billion. Is that a sensible tradeoff or not? I worked to do my best to be part of giving them the option of making that decision.”

It sounds to me as if Congressman Petri isn’t flip-flopping as much as giving Scott Walker the rope with which he can hang himself.  How could $800 billion into the state be a bad thing?

Thanks, Scott!

Thanks, Scott Walker – Mr. Job Killer

I’m so glad that three of our so-called Representatives – Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan and Tom Petri – has seen it necessary to put a bill in Congress that would allow Scott Walker to return the money for the high speed rail project. According to the bill – which I have not yet read – will direct the money to reduce the deficit. Both California and Illinois (according to CBS 58 News) want the money. I’m making a guess here that if the money is returned by Wisconsin, it won’t be going to reduce the deficit.

On top of that, if the project is cancelled, 4,000 jobs will be lost. That’s four thousand people who will be affected – in a state that has an unemployment rate of 7%. Add to that “representatives from Talgo Inc., the Spanish company that chose Milwaukee as its site in the U.S. for building and maintaining high-speed trains, said the company may be forced to shut down its Milwaukee operation if the high-speed rail project is killed.” (source)

Most economists agree that deficit spending is good during a bad economy, provided that the money is used for the right projects.  Hello, we’re in a bad economy.  Government cuts should be made when the economy is running smoothly.  Actually, that’s when taxes should go up, in order to build a surplus to get us through the bad times.  Any first year economic student can tell you this.

Apparently, Walker, Ryan, Sensenbrenner and Petri have never taken an economic class.  They don’t get it.

Let’s put in simple terms:

4000 people get up and go to work in the morning.  Every week or every other week, they receive a pay check.  The government receives money from the taxes taken from said paycheck.  The bank gets paid for the mortgage or the landlord collects her rent.  Food is purchased at a grocery store.  A meal is purchased in a restaurant.  And, it goes on.  These four thousand people affect many more people.  The restaurant stays in business.  The local grocery store has to hire another clerk or two.  It is a circle.  Money travels from one person to another and along the way, more growth happens.  When the economy is booming again, the government stops spending (and, here’s where our government has been wrong throughout the last thirty years).  Private money begins flowing with new buildings, companies, etc.  The government money is no longer needed.

Paying off the deficit isn’t going to keep food on any of our tables.

We need to work together to save our rail and the four thousand jobs.

More Reasons NOT to VOTE for Ron Johnson

Wisconsin – Vote Today!

Here’s a few thoughts I would like you to keep in mind when you go out to vote today:

Ron Johnson hasn’t given any details regarding his plans as Senator.  He will somehow cut federal spending and lower – somehow – taxes.  What he has said regarding Feingold’s record is false.  A vote for Ron Johnson is throwing away what is good for Wisconsin over the next six years.  He thinks the Constitution is hard to read.  Don’t you want a Senator who can read the Constitution?

Scott Walker – right here and right now, I’m laying down the gauntlet.  If you vote for Scott Walker, please never speak to me again.  Gay people in this state have Domestic Partnership.  Scott Walker not only picked a Lt. Governor who is so anti-gay I think she might be hiding something, but he wants to kill Domestic Partnership.  This is a real issue.  This means that I am not guaranteed by law the right to make Cheryl’s medical decisions or that she doesn’t have the right to inherit from me.  Vote for Walker – better not tell me, because I will consider it a personal affront to me.  It means that you really don’t care if your gay friends suffer.  Isn’t it bad enough that the anti-gay amendment passed and we can’t get married?  The least thing we should have is visitation rights in the hospital.  And, if you’re gay and voting for Walker, shame on you.  How dare you turn your back on making life better for other gay people?  It is despicable.

Ron Johnson: It’s just a job interview…

Ron Johnson was quoted as saying: “I will point out: I don’t believe this election really is about details,” he said. “It just isn’t. I mean as I’ve gone through the state of Wisconsin I’ve viewed this pretty much as a job interview…. I’ll have to get there. I’ll have to start performing the job.”
Really? Because I want details. I want to know exactly how you plan on improving our job situation in this country. I want to know how you plan on helping our Veterans when they return from fighting for our great nation.
I want details.
Johnson can’t give them – in my opinion, because he has nothing to give. He doesn’t know anything about the political process.
Unfortunately, 52% of my fellow Wisconsinites disagree with me. They think Johnson is great and they’re polled as saying they will vote for him.
And, they will be making a big mistake. Johnson has proven time and time again that he is a know-nothing running on a platform of sound bites and fear. If we make him the next Senator from the great state of Wisconsin, we’ll get exactly what we deserve for the next six years — hot air and no substance.
One last note: He hasn’t “gone through the state”. He’s only visited a total of 60 counties. We have 72. He’s missed 12 counties.

If I could question Ron Johnson…

If you’ve been watching the political ads on TV, you’ve heard a lot from Ron Johnson.  It’s easy to tap into big advertising when you have millions of your own dollars to spend.  A lot of Johnson’s ads not only knock his opponent, Russ Feingold, but knock government programs.  Okay, I can respect that.

However; my mother always told me that he who pays for the band, gets to pick the music.  I have lived by the philosophy.  If I pay my own way in life, I get to make my own rules – to a point, I don’t advocate killing people, let’s not go nuts.  Back when I graduated from high school, I paid my parents rent.  My mother used to complain that I didn’t clean my room – I was a bit of a slob back then – my logic was always, I’m paying for the band, so I get to pick the music of unmade bed and clothes on the floor.  It should be obvious that didn’t go over well.  Parents (and grandparents) hate it when use their words against them.

And, that brings me to Ron Johnson.  His talk has been smaller government, less government interference, lawyers shouldn’t be Senators.  But, yet, he has employees on his payroll at his company who are on Badgercare – Wisconsin’s Healthcare plan.  Isn’t that big government?  Isn’t that government interference?  Most likely, without Badgercare, his employees would have to find other positions elsewhere or lose their health care.

He has inmates from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections on his payroll.  Now, while I don’t have a problem with a work-release program where the inmates’ health insurance is covered by the state – according to the article, a savings of roughly $10,000 per employee ( I don’t think that is accurate – based on the COBRA rates I have paid in the last year for health insurance – the number should be less).  This is another government subsidy.

Johnson received more than $4 million in a government subsidized loan in order to expand his business.  Again, I don’t have an issue with that, especially if it meant more jobs.  Afterall, I went to college on government subsidized loans, so who am I to judge?

HOWEVER; what I want to ask Ron Johnson is why does he think that all of these government plans and subsidies are okay, when he is running on a platform so against government funding and assistance?  Why is it okay when it benefits him and his companies, but not okay when it benefits someone else’s?

I’d like to see him answer those questions.  But, he won’t.  He just likes to throw out tired campaign slogans and rhetoric to get the masses moving, but he isn’t really offering any changes.

Ron Johnson

Another robo call came into my house from the Johnson campaign.  I absolutely hate them.  Why not use a real person?  Oh, I know why, because you don’t have enough volunteers on your staff to call real people.  Or, you think by calling someone who is listed as an independent – will convince them to vote for you.  Why not hire people?  You have millions of dollars to pay for them.

Not going to happen.  Guys like Ron Johnson scare the crap out of me.  All big talk about rights and caring about the Constitution, but nothing but tax breaks for the rich.

I love this line from Johnson’s website: “Ron grew up in a family and in a place where one of the greatest compliments you could give a person was to say that he or she was a hard worker. This belief in a strong work ethic has been a core principle that has guided Ron’s life.”

Really?  I’m willing to bet that at least 95% of us grew up in a place where being a hard worker was considered a compliment.  The site never says – not that I saw – where this magical place was.  Ashamed of anything, Mr. Johnson?  Don’t want the people of Wisconsin to know where you’re from?

Johnson likes to portray himself as an everyman, but I don’t think he’s like the rest of us.  I don’t have 4 million dollars to put into a campaign for U.S. Senate – do you?

Ron Johnson and Scott Walker

So, Ron Johnson is the Republican nominee for Senator. He is running again Russ Feingold. I wonder if now he will accept the invitation to the six debates Feingold has all ready said he will attend. It will be interesting to hear Johnson have to speak from the top of his head. I am endorsing Russ Feingold. He is the most independent of all our Senators. He voted against the recent Financial Regulation bill and, for that, I respect him. Johnson is a rich businessman who knows nothing about the working families of Wisconsin. He doesn’t believe in equality for all. He doesn’t believe in the separation of church and state. He’s too far to the right and knows nothing about the compromise that is needed to keep this country on track.

Scott Walker is the Republican candidate for Governor. I was rooting for Mark Neumann – I figured that Tom Barrett would beat Neumann easily. A Walker – Barrett race will not only be closer, but it will be more interesting. Both the city and county of Milwaukee are not in great shape. These are the two men who have been running both. It will come as no surprise that I am endorsing and supporting Tom Barrett for Governor. I’ve never liked Scott Walker – and I will admit that is a gut feeling. He rubbed me the wrong way when he first ran for County Executive.

This will be an interesting election.

I think Mark Neumann needs to rethink his Google Ads

With just one day left before the Wisconsin primary, I seriously think that Mark Neumann should re-think his Google Ads.  A co-worker sent me a link to a news story from the UK about a woman who has been so obsessed with a computer game that she neglected not only her children, but her dogs.  Right there, at the bottom of the page, Mark Neumann for Governor.  I mean, does he really want to be associated with a crazy lady who cannot balance video games with raising children?

I know he has $2 million in his election war chest, but should he really be wasting it here?  I would think more targeted ads would do better for him.  If Neumann wins the Republican primary for Governor, I think he should have a long and serious talk with his Marketing people.

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