Bush: ‘Lot of work to do’ in last 100 days” says the headline on CNN.com.  No, President Bush, you’ve done enough.  Just go take another vacation and we’ll let the big boys handle the issues.

I read the headline to Cheryl this morning and she says, “He’s worried about his legacy.”  What an understatement!  But, she is hitting it on the head.  When future generations judge Bush the Seconds reign of error, they will not be kind.  Gas prices more that doubled under Bush.  The economy is tanking.  A war in Iraq where he declared Mission Accomplished and yet, our men and women are still there fighting.  Now, we have $700 billion dollars added to our rising deficit.  To pay it off every man, woman and child will need to send $3100 to the Federal Government.  I don’t happen to have that lying around to just send, do you?

Bush talked about an ownership nation, but he didn’t mean the rich owned up — he just meant the poor and middle class are on their own.

Now, he really wants to do something in his last hundred days.

Don’t, Mr. President.  You’ve done enough.

God Bless