Before I start this review, I should take a moment to say that I love Carl Reiner. I grew up watching re-runs of the Dick Van Dyke Show. I loved his Alan Brady. I can see an episode and tell you, this one, Mr. Reiner wrote. This is the man who turned George Burns into God and Steve Martin into a Jerk. The man is a comedic genius and I am his biggest fan.

Being his biggest fan, I jumped at the chance to review his new book Just Desserts. Then, the book came and in the PR document that accompanies the book, I see this line: “Noland appeared as a successful novelist in Reiner’s NNNN: A Novel, in 2006.” Oh, no. Now what do I do? I didn’t like NNNN: A Novel. In fact, even though I was listening to the MP3 version read by the author, I stilldidn’t like it. It was the first and only thing Mr. Reiner ever did that I didn’t like.

What’s a reviewer to do? What’s Carl Reiner’s biggest fan to do?

Give Nat Noland – the lead character in NNNN: A Novel – a second chance.

I have to tell you, I’m glad I did.

The entire premise of Just Desserts is what happens if you email God and He emails you back? What if you offered Him suggestions and He took them and put them to good use? What happens is that you and God work together to create a brand new world in a thought provoking and funny manner. Or, is it?

Mr. Reiner has written a book that will provoke thought, a self-discussion of faith and the sound of laughter from any reader. The book, actually, the novellelah, is a very quick and delightful read. You might even find it a little pithy.

If you found NNNN: A Novel to be a good book or if you like a little humor with your religion, I suggest that you read Just Desserts. You’ll be glad you did.

God Bless and Happy reading.