On one hand, I applaud the Cincinnati Bengals for creating a hotline number to be able to report bad behavior in the stands — 513-381-JERK. On the other hand, I just think how sad this is that they feel the need to do so.

I have been to just two professional football games in my life — both at Soldier Field and both during the 1980’s. (Remember, when the Bears had lots of winning seasons). Anyway, I was 11 at the first game and we had tickets really close to the 50 yard line. I remember how nice the people were because I had my arm in a sling. People moved out of our way, so not to jostle me. No one got so drunk that they couldn’t control themselves. No one swore so bad that my father had to worry about us kids hearing.

But, the times they are a-changin’ and I wonder if it isn’t for the worst and not the better.

Why do you have to get so drunk at a football game that you can’t control yourself? Why can’t you have a couple of beers and have a good time without getting into a fight?

What happened to just common decency?

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

God Bless