Okay, I said earlier today that I wasn’t going to post anything about the state of the world, but Holy Cow, Batman! Batwoman is a Lesbian!!!!

Now, I don’t even read comic books and if it wasn’t for the late Christopher Reeve playing Superman during my early years, I wouldn’t have even paid attention to Superman. Wasn’t he cute?

But, I’m getting off track.

Is this acceptance? Are we finally going mainstream? Will Lesbians be pushings comic book geeks (no offense) out of the way at that comic book counters to grab a copy?

Stay tuned, same bat channel, same bat station!

Oh and to those of you who are anti-gay, don’t support equal rights for me and my buddies (my mother still insists that I must be friends with Melissa Etheridge!), don’t push us — or we’ll sic Batwoman on you!

God Bless!