This is to all the Palin supporters out there. All those people who think she’d make a heckva Vice President and a terrific President.

I want you to think about what I’m about to say long and hard. Sarah Palin attended five different colleges before finally sticking to one and graduating in 1987 — two years after she should’ve. I attended five different colleges before finally sticking to one and graduating in 2006 — 17 years after I should’ve.

Would you want me to be the President of the United States? Or, even Vice President?

I didn’t think so.

As much as this pains me to say, statistically speaking, John McCain has a 20.93% chance of not finishing out his term. We have had 9 Presidents in US history to not finish their terms — 4 were assassinated (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy), 4 died in office (Harrison, Taylor, Harding and FDR) and one resigned (Nixon). We’ve only had 43 men sitting in that oval office chair. ((9/43)*100 = 20.93%)

So, would you feel the same if she was going to be President? If McCain is elected, she has a 1 in 5 chance of being our 45th President. Did anyone else feel a chill go down their back at the thought of President Palin?

Further, as much as she’s just like us — you betcha — she isn’t. How many of us have five children? How many of us read whatever someone else puts in front of us? How many of us have a family income of $250,000 per year?

I’m betting not many.

Now, let’s move on to a some things that’re bugging me about Joe the Plumber. I’ve heard two rumors that I can’t get the truth on: One, I hear he isn’t a licensed plumber — is that true? Two, I heard that he owes back taxes — is that true?

But, the major thing that bugging me is that Joe the Plumber said that he’s thinking of buying a company that makes $250,000 a year. Obama said Joe’s taxes will go up, but I don’t think he heard him right. Obama said that taxes will go up on people who earn $250,000 a year, not businesses. Plus, I thought Obama’s tax plan wouldn’t raise taxes on small businesses that earn $250,000 a year.

So, those “I’m Joe the Plumber” ads the Republican Party are running are full of crap. They’re twisting Obama’s words. Plus, sorry, if you’re making $250,000 a year — you have plenty and can afford to pay taxes. I could go on about that thought, but that’s a post for another day.

God Bless