I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — if you’re against gay marriage then you’re a bigot, plain and simple. There isn’t a gray area on this. I don’t care what your religion teaches or what God you follow. This is America and religious beliefs have no place in politics. BTW, God did not have anything to do with the election of George W. Bush, either.

Now, anyone who supports any law that takes away or limits the civil liberties of someone else should go live in another country. Our beautiful and sometimes flawed U.S. Constitution guarntees the rights of all American citizens, not just the straight, white ones. We’re all created equal and denying marriage to people because YOU disagree with it is not only stupid, but anti-American and un-Christian.

Further, think about this. Bush has been discussing this anti-gay amendment on and off since he ran for President in 2000, but why hasn’t he done anything about it until now?

Why? Because the Republicans are set to lose control of the Senate and quite possibly the House, as well as local elections and why is that?

First, the war in Iraq. The American public has turned against this war and the politicians who started it.

Second, it’s still the economy, stupid. Our wages are not going up. The Wall Street Journal just reported that the average raise across the nation was merely 3.7% — if you weren’t a CEO or someone in Management. That means that while our gas prices have risen 58% since 2003, our salaries haven’t been able to keep up. And, that pisses a lot of us off.

Third, the gas prices. Whether it is true or not, people believe that friends of President Bush are getting rich off of our high gas prices and they blame Bush and the Republican party for doing nothing these last few years. And, it’s going to get a lot worst than better.

Finally, when you go to vote, even if you do support the anti-gay amendment, keep in mind the price you will pay to vote for that Republican. He’s not looking out for you, he’s looking out for number one — and that isn’t you and it isn’t me.

God Bless

P.S. Eventually, even if the anti-gay amendment passes, gays will be allowed to marry. Maybe not in the next ten years, but eventually. And, this will have worked out to have been a waste of time, energy and money. Before you cast your vote for a politician who hasn’t done a thing to help the American public, keep in mind how much he or she will end up hurting you in the end, just so a few gays can’t get married. I hope you think it’s worth it.