I received the following email from a PayPal scammer.  I’m posting it here so that all of my readers can be aware of this new way to get your account information.  I have reported it to PayPal.

If you receive an email like this, please, please, please DO NOT click anywhere on it.  Forward the email directly to spoof@paypal.com.  They will do their best to get the scammer site shutdown.


From: “PayPal” <support@paypal.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 1:08 AM
Subject: Please review your information!


Dear valued PayPal® member,

We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your PayPal account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third part. Protecting the security of your account and of the PayPal network is our primary concern.

Therefore, as prevention measure, we have temporarely limited access to sensitive PayPal account features.We encourage customers to get their information up-to-date and change password often.

PayPal has assigned you an unique tracking number.
Unique tracking number :

Please review your information after loging in. Use only your assigned unique URL.
Click this button to access your unique URL (! please read below for security tips) and gain full access:

For more information about how to protect your account, please visit PayPal’s Security Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your assistance in helping us maintain the integrity of the entire PayPal system. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

ayPal has assigned you an unique tracking number. URL in your browser’s address bar should begin with ” http:// ” following your tracking number.

Unique tracking number :

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