According to U.S. News and World Reports, the White House is upset that the so-called Liberal Media has spent more time on the Dubai ports deal than on how Bush’s tax cuts have strengthened the economy.

Strengthen the economy? Is he kidding?

How strengthen can the economy be when I’m paying .75 cents more a gallon this year for gasoline than the same time last year. (I know this because I’m anal and I write down my gas costs.)

My gas/electric bill has gone from $90.00 per month — I use the budget plan — to roughly $124.00 per month.

It seems to me, from where I sit, the only people making any money in Bush’s economy are the gas, oil and electric companies. Us average Joes, we’re not making so much.

President Bush is going to spend our tax dollars to stump around the country and try to convince us that Big Media should take the blame for the mess we’re in. Also, to stump for the Republicans mid-term elections.

God bless us all, we’re gonna need it!