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Date: July 1, 2010

Believe Al Gore’s Accuser or not?

Right off the bad, I want to say that in 99% of sexual accusations, I’m on the woman’s side.  I will admit that there are those few who make an accusation that is false or misleading just to seek revenge or receive money.
I think Al Gore’s accuser just might be in the last category.  After refusing to speak with police in 2006 – when the alleged incident took place – she went back to police in 2009.  That by itself is not suspect.  Many women, feeling ashamed or scared, have a hard time speaking with police after a sexual assault.  That Gore’s alleged victim did the same thing is not enough not to believe her.
What is enough is the last line in this article:  “However, she reportedly sold her story to the National Enquirer magazine for 1 million dollars.”
I’m not saying that means she’s lying, but it does lead me to question her motives for coming forward again.
I wonder if she’s telling the truth or not.

The Three States that Matter… In other words, the Hell with the rest of you…

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  Three states with a grand total of 8,893,673 Americans (2000 census) are the ones who get to see our candidates for President first and the most.

Why is that?

If a good candidate does well in one of these states, most likely, he will go on to be either the Democratic or Republican candidate for President.

Does that seem fair?  Does it seem right?

A candidate that is seen as dissing one of these three states will be punished there.

What is up with that?

Why are we letting less than 9 million of our fellow citizens determine the most important job in this country?

I don’t understand the purpose of a candidate throwing his or her hat into the political ring by kissing up to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Anyone else feel this way?

God Bless

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